Whenever   OSHA   doesn’t   have   a   wealth   of   knowledge   or   regulations   regarding   a   specific   industrial practice   (as   in   the   case   of   pallet   rack   repair)   they   defer   to   the   recognized   governing   body   expert   in a particular field. There   are,   however,   currently   three   OSHA   regulations   which   directly   and   indirectly   relate   to   pallet racking, they include: 1926.250 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR STORAGE: All   material   stored   in   tiers   shall   be   stacked,   racked,   blocked,   interlocked   or   otherwise   secured   to prevent sliding, falling or collapse. PARAGRAPH (5)(a)(1) OF THE OSHA ACT OF 1970 (GENERAL DUTY CLAUSE) Requires   that   each   employer   furnish   to   each   of   its   employees   a   workplace   that   is   free   from recognized   hazards   that   are   causing   or   likely   to   cause   death   or   serious   physical   harm.   This general   duty   provision   can   be   used   by   OSHA   only   where   there   is   no   direct   standard   that   applies   to the particular hazard and the employer has its own employees exposed to the alleged hazard. 1917.14 MARINE TERMINAL OPERATIONS STACKING OF CARGO AND PALLETS Cargo,   pallets   and   other   material   stored   in   tiers   shall   be   stacked   in   such   a   manner   as   to   provide stability against sliding and collapse.
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