European Union EN15635 Steel static storage systems - Application and maintenance of storage equipment This   European   Standard   gives   guidelines   for   operational   aspects   relevant   to   structural   safety   of   storage systems.   This   standard   gives   guidance   in   conjunction   with   prEN   15512,   EN   15620,   and   EN   15629   to ensure   that   the   specifier,   user   and   designer   are   aware   of   the   constraints   in   each   other’s   area   to   allow   a safe design to be produced. T o Purchase EN15635.0 maintenance-of-srorage-equipment/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo6fN- 5LC2QIVhR2BCh1o9gl6EAAYASAAEgJKPPD_BwE  -- Please copy paste the link above in your browser -- Canadian Rack A344-17 - User guide for steel storage racks This   Guide   is   intended   for   persons   who   create   specifications   for,   purchase,   and   use   steel   storage   racks. In   referencing   this   Guide,   the   users   of   steel   storage   racks   will   become   aware   of   the   considerations required   to   ensure   that   their   rack   installation   meets   the   conditions   of   the   work   environment   and   user expectations. The   Canadian   Standards   Association   has   released,   for   the   first   time   in   Canada,   two standards that all workplaces with steel racking should immediately adopt. They are A344.1 and A344.2. To purchases A344-17  -- Please copy paste the link above in your browser -- United Kingdom Sema Rack Standards United Kingdom has published and accepted damaged rack inspection standards. To purchase SEMA rack inspection standard racking-and-shelving-inspections   -- Please copy paste the link above in your browser -- Australia AS 4084-2012 This   Standard   sets   out   minimum   requirements   for   the   design,   fabrication   and   erection   tolerances,   test methods,   operation   and   maintenance   of   steel   storage   racking   in   the   limit   states   method.   This   Standard applies   to   adjustable   static   pallet   racking   made   of   cold-formed   or   hot-rolled   steel   structural   members.   It covers   racking   installed   within   a   building,   outside   a   building,   and   racking   that   forms   part   of   the   frame   of the   building.   The   Standard   does   not   cover   drive-in   and   drive-through   racking,   cantilever   racking,   mobile racking or racking made of materials other than steel. The   objective   of   this   Standard   is   to   provide   designers   of   steel   storage   racking   with   specifications   for   hot- rolled and cold-formed steel structural members used for action carrying purposes. To purchase AS 4084-2012  -- Please copy paste the link above in your browser --
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