Q: How do I determine which rack components require repair or replacement? A:     The industry’s first and best reference document to use for assessing damaged     rack components is Mac Rak’s very own: DAMAGED RACK INSPECTION GUIDE. (Copies available upon request or download at macrak.com) A more thorough professional review can be conducted by Mac Rak or one of our nationwide Mac Rak dealers. Q: Why repair instead of replace damaged rack components? A:     The vast majority of the time, pallet rack repair performed by a certified crew using a hydraulic lift jack offers a more efficient, more economical, more permanent and less disruptive solution. Rack repair provides future impact resistance. Replacement frames provide only the same degree of protection as the original frame that is now damaged. Q: Can repair projects be approved by structural P.E.s?  A:     Yes, when furnished with the proper pallet rack system information and detailed drawings of proposed pallet rack repair kits, a formal P.E. stamp testifying that the repair kit will be as strong or stronger than the originally installed frame is available. Q: Do pallet rack repair kits come with a warranty? A: Yes, certain repair kit manufactures offer impact warranties on certain products, above and beyond standard quality of workmanship warranties. Q: Can beams be reattached to rack repair kits? A: Yes, certain repair kit manufacturers have engineer approved fastening hardware to attach any type of beam or drive in arm connector to their repair kit.
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